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United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited
General Scope of our Services
United Compliance and Risk Management Consult Limited is a multifaceted organization that provides management consulting, information and intelligence discovery, logistic and implementation change in an organization, risk assessment, security, counter-terrorism and public safety consulting, and pre-employment screening. In addition, we carry out oversight functions, act as intermediary for technical support and promotion of due diligences.
Our services are designed to meet the needs of corporate businesses, bureaucratic organizations, local and multinational agencies, governmental agencies, financial institutions, academic institutions, and others to enforce compliances to rules, regulations, codes of conduct, and provide the guidance needed to promote efficiency, reliability, dependability, and transparency and an ethical culture in organizations.
Coaching and Training for Staff Developments
Leadership and management
Conflict and mediation
Security, public safety and related community and religious organizations policing orientation, threat evaluation, risk and security force management, metal detection training, policing and enforcement techniques, executive protection and others
Investigation techniques, internal auditing and anticorruption programs
Risk assessment and security audit techniques
Prevention and detection of fraud
Technical support services
Case management
Report analytic
Expert advise and witnessing
Ethics and compliance
Ethics and compliances education and training
Prevention of sexual harassment
Ethical leadership and accountability
Performances and benchmark in organizations
Organizational benchmark and performance appraisal
Companies integrity diagnostic
Independent monitor, examination to ensure compliance to expectation based on authentic policy, rules, and regulation
Engage in case study that is exploratory with cross examinations
Performing investigation, performance evaluations, and conduct independent auditing.
Other relating services include
Engage in services relating to training and coaching including detection and prevention of fraud, internal investigation technique
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